Imogen X Hillsboro February 2018
All that matters is that the recipient loved it. And because she loved it, I loved it even more. I'm glad I used Gift Name Necklace.
Sienna W Tempe February 2018
Hi, It was a gift to someone out of state, so I haven't seen it. She says she loves it. I hope she does.
Elsie G Moe–Newborough February 2018
Was very easy to order. And the delivery (I paid for expedited shipping) was great. The quality was good! Everyone I showed it to has really loved it.
Sienna I St. John's February 2018
My mother really appreciated and liked this gift from her children.
Jayden U Singleton February 2018
Very nice product given the cost.
Ali U Tamworth February 2018
Very daughter loved it.
Amelia S Bloomington January 2018
Every one I have ordered has been perfect
Scarlett U North Hempstead January 2018
Absolutely beautiful piece
Amelia D Indianapolis January 2018
Excellent quality. Beautiful
Eliza K Woodstock January 2018
She loved it. Especially the personalized note. (Nice touch)